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Let’s talk about GPR!
Did you know that Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has been saving lives and saving concrete cutting professionals time and money for decades? First of all… Do you know exactly what GPR is and what it is used for? If these questions have aroused your curiosity, you will love what we are about to propose.

On October 21, between 3pm and 4pm (Brussels time – Central European), IACDS is holding the webinar ‘What GPR can do for concrete sawing and drilling?’. A session that will be given by Mr. David Cist, from GSSI, an expert in the field.

This speaker will first provide an introduction to the subject, reviewing what GPR is, why it is important to perform a pre-sawing and pre-drilling inspection and the techniques that can be used. He will then focus on the use and applications of GPR for sawing and drilling, also presenting some case studies.

Participation in this webinar is completely free for all attendees, they just need to register in advance. For logistical reasons, the number of participants is limited by the platform itself. So, registrations will be accepted in strict order of entry until the technical capacity available is reached for each session.
What GPR can do for concrete sawing and drilling?
Thursday, October 21st, 15:00 hours (Brussels time, Central European)

Part 1: Presentation
What is IACDS?
Why do we do this webinar?

Part 2: Introduction
Why it is important to carry out a concrete inspection before drilling and sawing?
What techniques are available to carry out an inspection of the condition of the concrete before cutting or coring concrete structures?
What is GPR?
Where it fits in with other imaging methods like Ultrasound and X-Ray?

Part 3: GPR in practice for concrete cutting sawing and drilling
How to analyze and interpret GPR data?
What are the consequences of not carrying out a proper scan of concrete structures?
What kind of problems can be avoided by using it properly?
Case stories and practical examples

Part 4: Questions and comments from participants

Mr. David Cist
IACDS webinars are offered free of charge and open to public participation thanks to the financial support of member companies and entities: