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Slurry Monster | A New Way to Clean Equipment

A New Way to Clean Equipment Welcome to an equipment cleaner that works 15% faster than Hydrochloric Acid – and comes without the harmful effects of traditional acids.  Dissolve-FE is your go-to solution for cleaning your equipment and tooling. It’s safe on paint,...

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Slurry Monster | Stop Glazing, Start Cutting.

Clear The Path To Easier Grinding Hard concrete? It's an all-too-familiar scenario. No matter what you do, it can seem almost impossible to cut the cap enough for you to get grinding. Going through this process takes time, manpower, and potentially the loss and...

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CSDA New Member Promo: 10 Free Classes

Join CSDA today and get 10 FREE online classes for your operators. When your company becomes a CSDA member before August 31st 2022 you will gain access to 10 free GPR Methods & Theory Class seats. Classes are entirely online and available to be taken at your own...

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Powerful Performance at Your Fingertips

Powerful Performance at Your Fingertips The HYDRA™ 6...it's the first true grinding, honing, polishing, and maintenance power trowel -- it's a favorite for many reasons. This powerful machine includes upgrades that make your job easier by eliminating unnecessary...

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The Roll-n-Vac HD2 Hydro Extractor

  The Roll-n-Vac DH2 Hydro Extractor aims to reshape the industry by saving time doing the everyday tasks that you hate the most. Some of the things the Roll-n-Vac is capable of include: Vacuuming sludge to a depth of 12 feet directly into a wheelbarrow for...

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