by | Jul 19, 2021 | Industry News

Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 2021 — Vacuworx has leveraged its experience in vacuum lifting technology for material handling in the field to introduce a full lineup of vacuum lifting systems for in-plant manufacturing applications. The modular battery and electric vacuum lifting systems can be configured to fit a wide variety of applications and are customizable based on specific needs.

PHD Portable Vacuum Lifting System

Powered by a 12V 30 Ah rechargeable LFP battery, the Vacuworx PHD offers a flexible, low cost material handling option. When paired with the PHD Forklift Assembly, the 2,500 lb (1.13 tonne) capacity lifter can be put to work in manufacturing environments to handle loads on both a forklift and gantry crane. It is a great solution for smaller plants or those that only have occasional material handling needs.

VT/VRT Vacuum Lifting Systems

The electric VT and VRT vacuum lifting systems are the perfect solution for lighter loads that need to be manipulated in different
orientations. Both models can tilt up to 90 degrees, white the VRT can also rotate 360 degrees with pin stops every 45 degrees. Standard models have either 4 or 8 vacuum cups, with horizontal lift capacities of 640 and 1,280 pounds respectively.

VPL Vacuum Lifting Systems

The VPL line is also fully electric and can be configured with two, four, six or eight 8” x 12” (203×305 mm) pads. Lift capacities for the VPL range from 1,264 to 5,056 pounds. The pad arms are easily adjustable across the width of the spreader bar, as well as at different angles to work with a variety of material shapes and sizes.

CM Modular Vacuum Lifting System

Vacuworx has adapted the CM 3 modular vacuum lifting system to be a heavy-duty manufacturing workhorse. With a lift capacity of 6,600 pounds (3 tonne), customers can choose standard spreader bars from 6 feet to 15 feet long to accommodate up to 10 vacuum pads in varying sizes. The system is available in single phase or 3 phase operation. The Vacuworx engineering team works with every customer to make sure that the product meets their specific needs and takes into account the size, weight and thickness of the material to be handled. Vacuworx also offer fully customized solutions to handle unique or oversized materials.

About Vacuworx

Founded in 1999 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Vacuworx engineers and manufactures innovative heavy-duty material handling equipment for the oil and gas, water and sewer, highway and heavy construction, concrete construction, landscaping and manufacturing industries worldwide. Vacuworx Vacuum and Hydraulic Lifting Systems can be customized for many applications and lift capacities. Standard models lift a variety of materials including steel pipe (including most types of coating), plastic pipe (PVC, fiberglass, long flexible pipe), ductile iron pipe, concrete pipe, pre-cast concrete slabs, pre-cast concrete culverts, concrete road barriers, saw cut concrete (demolition or rehabilitation), landscape pavers, steel plate and piling and road plate. Lifters can be attached to hydraulic excavators and backhoes (with or without a coupler system), wheel or track type loaders, cranes, pipe layers, skid steers, forklifts and knuckle booms and can also be mounted for a variety of in-plant applications. Vacuworx maintains a global inventory available for purchase or rental through our global network of Vacuworx companies, dealers and agents. Parts, service and technical support are available 24/7/365 for installation, training, repairs and troubleshooting.