Slurry Monster: Surface Prep, Done Right.

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Industry News

Prep Your Surface With Dissolve

Introducing the newest, and most anticipated chemical in our product line, Dissolve SP™.  

Dissolve SP (Surface Preparation) is an acid replacement that safely, but aggressively etches your concrete surface for dry grinding, opening the surface up and creating a slight profile that allows your tooling something to “bite into”.  

With this product, you won’t need to flood the floor to achieve results, and you won’t need to neutralize either since there’s no acid base involved.  

Some of the great features of Dissolve SP include:  

  • No neutralization 
  • Doesn’t weaken the concrete 
  • Mild yet aggressive etchant  
  • Won’t compromise the structure of the concrete 
  • Environmentally friendly  
  • One gallon of Dissolve SP will yield 600-800 sq. ft.  

This highly anticipated chemical is now available to order on our website, click here.