Slurry Monster: Stop Using IBC Totes

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Industry News

Totes That Make Sense

It’s time to make the switch from bulky IBC totes to our ZipPack™ Totes. Not only do our totes allow you to hold the same amount of waste as an IBC tote, but you can also treat your slurry in them, or even use them as holding containers for water on site.

Our totes are made to work for you. Some of the great benefits and features of the ZipPack Tote include:

  • Self-standing – reinforced sides ensure sturdiness
  • Glued in liner means they won’t drip
  • They’ll hold up to 3,000 lbs. or 275 gallons
  • Zip tight enclosure provides added protection
  • UN-Rated – they’re landfill ready
  • Forklift straps make it easy to transport
  • Compact and foldable – they save space
  • IBC Totes will cost you upwards of $300 per tote — our ZipPack Totes are only $120 each
  • Whether you need a pallet, or just a few, these totes are better and more economical than IBC totes. For a limited time, order a pallet of ZipPack Totes and we’ll give you an automatic 20% off!


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