Shibuya Company, LTD. is celebrating its 70th Year Anniversary!

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Industry News

DITEQ Corporation is proud to announce Shibuya’s 70th year in business!

In 1952, Shibuya was founded by Mr. Katsuji Shibuya (Father of President Norikazu Shibuya). He started the company as a private agent selling agricultural machinery. In the 1960s, he saw a great need for specialized machinery for the construction industry and changed his business to the sale of industrial construction equipment and supplies. 

In 1967, Mr. Katsuji Shibuya changed the company name to Shibuya Trading Co. Ltd. and started to sell imported construction machinery. At the same time, he worked to develop core drilling machines for manufacture in Shibuya factories. In 1969, Shibuya’s first model “TS-1” was released, and the company became a manufacturer specializing in equipment for the concrete sawing and drilling industry. Thus began the existence of the Shibuya Dymodrill.

Since 1969, Shibuya has accumulated the know-how of cutting concrete, steel rebar, stones, and other building materials. Currently, they manufacture and sell machines and consumables for cutting and drilling concrete structures. Shibuya drills and sawing equipment are sold in over 30 countries worldwide. As a company, they are committed to finding solutions that make clients’ jobs done safer, easier, faster, and better. Shibuya will always be a brand you can trust. Please join DITEQ in celebrating Shibuya’s 70th business anniversary.

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