Sensors & Software + Radiodetection – What does it mean for you?

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Industry News

On November 12, 2020, Sensors & Software was acquired by SPX Corporation and is now part of the Radiodetection business unit. This acquisition builds on the ten-year partnership Sensors & Software and Radiodetection have had together and opens many new opportunities for both organizations.

Radiodetection is a worldwide leader in damage prevention and is highly renowned for their Precision Locators & Cable Avoidance Tools for the utility, construction & infrastructure markets. Since the acquisition was announced, we have received several questions from our customers along the lines of “What does this mean for Sensors & Software’s non-utility GPR systems?” Let us assure you that there is no reason for concern. SPX Corporation & Radiodetection are focused on growth, and the purchase of Sensors & Software is a strategic move to build capability and open new markets for the company. One of the reasons that Sensors & Software was an attractive acquisition for Radiodetection is that we operate in areas beyond their current markets, and Radiodetection is committed to maintaining and growing the company’s overall presence in these markets.

Joining the larger SPX family of companies allows us to combine technical expertise in robotics engineering, inspection camera capabilities, GPS mapping technologies, software development, precision locating and ground penetrating radar technology. All of which enable exciting opportunities for future product innovation across many industries.

Although Sensors & Software has always been a global company, with customers and partners all over the world, this acquisition exponentially expands our presence and allows us to take advantage of new reach and resources provided by Radiodetection and SPX corporation. Should you have any questions about your products, how to apply GPR to your specific application areas, or just want to share how you are using our GPR solutions please contact us. The same team you have always worked with is here to provide you with the high level of customer service that you have come to expect from us over the years.

We are all very excited about this relationship and the possibilities it provides for our employees, our business, our future product innovations, and most importantly, you, our valued customers.

If you have questions or concerns, contact us!