by | Mar 30, 2020 | Industry News

Sensors & Software is pleased to announce that the Ultra receiver technology that changed low frequency pulseEKKO® GPR data collection has now been added to the NOGGIN 100 system.  The new NOGGIN Ultra 100 collects data thousands of times faster, allowing you to see deeper than ever before. Stack GPR traces up to 65,536 times, with little to no reduction in collection speed. Reduce the noise floor to see GPR signals more than 100 times smaller than before. Double or even triple the depth of penetration. Collect 32-bit, high dynamic range data to see small, subtle and real GPR signals.

The capabilities of the NOGGIN Ultra 100 are ideally suited for geotechnical and geological applications as well as deep utility-locating, environmental applications and archaeology. The NOGGIN Ultra 100 is fully compatible with NOGGIN systems using the DVL-500.  Packages are available to add a Noggin Ultra 100 to your SmartCart and SmartTow configurations.

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