New Specifier Resources Released by CSDA

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Industry News

St. Petersburg, FL – CSDA is pleased to announce the release of two significant resource documents to help architects, engineers, general contractors, government officials—virtually anyone involved with the specifying of concrete cutting, polishing, ground penetrating radar (GPR) imaging and selective demolition work.

The CSDA 2017 Resource Guide and CSDA 2017 Membership Directory have been released and are both available to view free of charge via the association’s website.

The CSDA 2017 Resource Guide contains 45 industry documents including Standards, Specifications, Tolerances and Best Practices—all created to help industry specifiers better understand the wide range of capabilities and services that CSDA contractor members possess, and provide solutions by using diamond cutting tools in future projects. 

This latest iteration of the CSDA Resource Guide includes the addition of seven new documents, along with revisions to several more previously published. Each one has been carefully written, reviewed and approved by experts in the field and all are subject to regular updates by the association’s Standards & Specifications Committee.  

“The systems employed by CSDA contractors can provide significant cost advantages over conventional removal and inspection methods, yet many specifiers are unaware of these techniques and capabilities,” explains CSDA Executive Director Patrick O’Brien. “Whether it is a major infrastructure project such as a power plant or dam renovation, or a highway or airport surface repair job, cutting, polishing, imaging or selectively demolishing concrete can be much more cost effective than other methods.”

And to further assist specifiers in finding these specialist contractors, the CSDA 2017 Membership Directory contains a complete listing of all North American and overseas members from 21 different countries. There are also listings of those member companies that manufacturer or distribute tools and equipment associated with concrete cutting, polishing, GPR imaging and selective demolition. 

The PDF directory complements CSDA’s other online member search features—an interactive map and search boxes—and all can be found at

Specifiers are encouraged to utilize CSDA’s Resource Guide, Membership Directory and other tools offered by the association. These resources have been specifically developed for specifiers to aid in the compilation of specifications for renovation or demolition projects requiring the use of diamond tools. For more information, contact the CSDA office at 727-577-5004 or email