Mitch Riordan Graduates from ABC Houston Leadership Forum

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Industry News

ATI Director of Operations

In August 2020 ATI’s Mitch Riordan graduated from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Greater Houston Leadership Forum. This sixteen-week course trains individuals about leading teams effectively, working in a multi-generational environment, and understanding personality profiles and many other useful topics. We asked him a few questions about it:

 It says the class meets twice a month for about five months. That sounds like a time commitment!
It was a big time commitment – juggling ATI projects and leadership forum tasks. But with the skills and processes I took away from this class it is already showing to be a very good investment.  
What did you learn that you will bring to your team at ATI?
Leadership through teamwork is the main takeaway for me.
What or who inspired you to take this class? 
Ronnie Wills [ATI president] likes for all the managers and sales team at ATI to do this class. Everyone that has been through it has told me that it would be a great asset for me. 
In this course you learned about branding, so what would you say are brand indicators of Aggregate Technologies?
Safety first, and that anything can be done. Also, where there’s a will there’s a way. Ronnie preaches these all the time and it shows in our output.
Was the class in person or virtual? 
It started out as an in-person class and when COVID19 hit we started having our classes over Zoom. It was hard at first, but like with all things you don’t give up and you find a way. Before we knew it we were rolling right along like it was normal to have class over Zoom. Because of the interruption from COVID19 our course was extended a few weeks.
In your graduation video you said you learned about different personality types. What’s the most important thing you learned about yourself during this class? 
I learned that I like results!