by | Mar 23, 2020 | Industry News

Available in multiple sizes, the LIFT Safety Kneeling Mats are made of a medium density closed cell polyurethane foam that provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning for the user. The comfortable mat reduces knee fatigue and general joint discomfort that can often occur when kneeling.


1. Easy carrying handle slot and an integrated cup holder on the Large model

2. Waterproof anti-slip polyethylene finish

3. Compact footprint for workspace convenience

4. 25mm thickness

5. Dimensions of 36” x 18” for the Large model and 20.5” x 14” for the Small model MSRP: SMALL $21, LARGE 52.50

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A sister company of EVS Sports, we offer a full line of personal protection products for the industrial channel. Born from the same core roots of EVS, where the science and the physiology of the body converge with innovation and style, LIFT is dedicated to pushing the boundaries and producing the most technologically advanced safety products in the world.