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The webinar of the month its here!

IACDS is already prepared to offer you a session packed with valuable information and knowledge about the controlled demolition of concrete structures by diamond sawing and coring.
Under the title:“Temporary fixation of diamond cutting and coring equipment”, Mr. Martin Goedickmeier, from HILTI, will introduce the conference based on the document “Temporary fixation of diamond cutting and corgin equipment: recomendations and considerations during operation”.
If your company is related to demolition, IACDS strongly recommends you to assist this free webinar. As usual, this experience is open to all attendees. If you want to be part of it, you just need to register in advance.
Don´t hesitate and fill in the form! We look forward to seeing you next Thursday, June 23th, at 3 pm (Brussels time, Central European).
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Temporary fixation of diamond cutting and coring equipment

Thursday, June 23rd, 3 pm (Brussels time, Central European)
  • Part 1: Presentation
    • What is IACDS?
    • Why do we do this webinar?
  • Part 2: Document “Temporary fixation of diamond cutting and coring equipment”
    • What is it and what is its purpose?
    • How was the elaboration process?
    • What contents does it include?
    • How to access it?
  • Part 3: Temporary fixation of diamond cutting and coring equipment
    • What basic considerations for diamond aplications, wall sawing and diamond sawing we have to take into account?
    • What types of temporary anchors are available for concrete?
    • What are the most common failure modes of anchors?
    • What adjustment procedures should we carry out?
    • Case studies
  • Part 4: Questions and comments from participants
Mr. Martin Goedickmeier


IACDS webinars are offered free of charge and open to public participation thanks to the financial support of member companies and entities: