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Take note of the new date and don’t miss the chance to keep learning with us!

Due to the festivity celebrated next May 13th in most of Europe, the Ascension Day, IACDS has decided to change the date of its next free webinar.

Thus, the Slurry management session will finally take place next Thursday, May 20, from 3pm to 4pm (Brussels time, Central European), and, as always, it will be completely free and open to the public.

This webinar will be conducted by Mr. Mark Critchfield, SLURRY SOLUTIONS, and Mrs. Erin O’Brien, CSDA, who will be in charge of explaining the main concepts related to slurry.

If you have already registered for this webinar, make a note of the date and update your calendar so you don’t miss it. And if you haven’t registered yet… What are you waiting for? Knowledge is power!

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Slurry management

Thursday, May 20th, 15:00 hours (Brussels time, Central European)
Part 1: Presentation
  • What is IACDS?
  • What is CSDA?
  • Why do we do this webinar?
Part 2: Introduction
  • What is the slurry?
  • How is slurry generated?
  • Why is water used in cutting and what are the benefits of cutting wet vs dry?
  • What is a flocculant?
  • What is a super absorbent?
  • What are the TCLP test and landfill paint filter requirements?
  • What filter options are available?
  • What is slurry pH?
  • What is important to consider about suspended solids and heavy metals in slurry?
Part 3: Slurry management
  • What to do with the slurry of drilling and sawing?
  • What tools and techniques can be used for the collection, handling, transportation and storage of slurry?
  • How slurry should be contained at the workplace?
  • How is the commercial hauling of wastewater and what are the risks?
  • How has slurry management evolved in recent years?
  • Who is responsible for the collection, handling and disposal or slurry?
  • How we can contribute to environmental protection and risk avoidance through the management of slurry?
Part 4: Questions and comments from participants


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