IACDS: Learn about PQ6 tool-less drill bit connection in our next webinar!

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Industry News

Join us in our next free webinar and keep learning with us!
Do you want to learn about PQ6? Would you like to know more about its applications and its technical aspects? If so, you have an unmissable date with us.

Next Thursday, April 15th, from 3pm to 4pm (Brussels time, Central European), will take place our new free webinar: PQ6 tool-less drill bit connection. A session, aimed at professionals in the sawing and drilling industry, that will be led by Mr. Michael Findeis, president of IACDS, and Mr. Christof Boxberger, technical CEO of FBS.

Both speakers will share with the attendees the main basic concepts related to PQ6, as well as its applications and advantages and disadvantages. And finally, as usually, all the participants will be able to ask their questions and make their comments to them.

Participation in this webinar is completely free for all attendees, they just need to register in advance. For logistical reasons, the number of participants is limited by the platform itself. So, registrations will be accepted in strict order of entry until the technical capacity available is reached for each session.
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PQ6 tool-less drill bit connection

Thursday, April 15th, 15:00 hours (Brussels time, Central European)
Part 1: Presentation
  • What is IACDS?
  • What is FBS?
  • Why do we do this webinar?
Part 2: Introduction
  • What is the PQ6?
  • Why is it called PQ6?
  • How did it start and why?
  • How has it developed?
Part 3: Applications and technical aspects
  • How useful is PQ6?
  • What are its main advantages and disadvantages?
  • What technical aspects should be taken into account?
  • What is the future of PQ6 and what further steps will be taken?
Part 4: Questions and comments from participants

IACDS_Michael_Findeis_2019_board_web Mr. Michael Findeis President of IACDS
IACDS_Christof_Boxberger_77x114 Mr. Christof Boxberger Technical CEO of FBS
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