by | Jan 28, 2022 | Industry News

Husqvarna Construction is strengthening its offer to demolition professionals with the launch of a new range of demolition robots – the DXR 145, DXR 275, DXR 305 and DXR 315.

The new range of demolition robots offer more power and more control, which means users can take their skills to a whole new level.

The four new DXR models offer, on average, a power increase above 20% when compared to previous models. This results in more effective and powerful machines that allow the user to get more demolition work done, faster. Complimenting this, the new machines have functionality that optimizes available power in a way that allows work to continue at high power levels, even if the task gets tougher due to circumstances – such as hot environments, for example.

With an all new remote-control unit, precise operation is easier than ever. The new unit enables an improved overview of machine status, which contributes to increased uptime and productivity. The long distance remote connection keeps the user safer and clear of any potential risks, enabling them to work in challenging areas with a remote control range of up to 984 ft (300 m). Fredrik Linnell, Global Demolition Director at Husqvarna Construction expands on this:

Improving operator safety is our foremost priority. All our new DXR models are third party certified in terms of safety, EMC and functional safety. At the same time, achieving high-quality, fast results is literally in the user’s hands. More than ever, these new machines are an extension of the operator, increasing power and offering improved control over the factors that define how successful the job will be.

With various multi-tools and factory installed packages available, productivity and areas of application can be quickly enhanced. The new range has also been engineered to facilitate easier trouble shooting, reducing downtime even further. Fredrik Linnell continues:

We understand that demolition work can be hot, uncomfortable and demanding, so during development of our new DXR range, the focus has been on how we can make every working day safer, easier and more productive for the user. We believe the results speak for themselves and that demolition and construction professionals will appreciate the new intelligent tech, smooth operation and high levels of performance the new DXR range delivers.

Thanks to its wide range of attachments, a DXR is suitable for a wide number of tasks such as delining, dismantling or even skid-loader work.

A DXR robot can help overcome hazardous environments. Collapse risks, smoke, dust, heat or vibrations are no longer an issue with the operator able to perform the job from a safer distance.

A Husqvarna DXR is the ideal machine for demolition of partial structures, such as pipes, staircases and ceilings, where high precision is needed to avoid damaging the remaining structures.

Thanks to the smart, compact design, the DXR machine can easily maneuver through small openings or be lowered into narrow shafts to perform tasks efficiently.

With its direct exhaust-free electric motor, low weight and compact dimensions, the DXR is ideal for dismantling work indoors, or in sensitive areas such as hospitals, hotels or laboratories.