Husqvarna Hipertrowel™ – Fast Polishing of Large Concrete Floors

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Industry News

Husqvarna Hipertrowel™ is the perfect solution when polishing contractors need to polish a very large, unobstructed and relatively flat area. The system combines our expertise in concrete floor polishing, superior diamond tools and advanced driver technology for trowels to create a functional polished concrete floor obtained at the speed of a ride-on trowel.

Hipertrowel™ is the ideal method for industrial floors from 5,000 sq ft and up. Both newly poured slabs and older, pre-existing floors can be processed with the Hipertrowel™ system. The Hipertrowel™ system is a six-step wet polishing process along with three optional final steps. In addition to a power trowel, a complete set-up includes Husqvarna Hiperflex TRW tool pads, chemicals, Hipertrowel™ gryo drivers, power trowel attachments, a squeegee, and a hose connected to a tap. For maintenance, we highly recommend the Husqvarna Hiperclean™ pad.

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