by | Apr 13, 2022 | Industry News

The most trusted name in GPR brings you GSSI Fusion, an innovative cloud platform that is the most flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution in the industry.




Our mission at GSSI is to make products that help increase your productivity. We understand that every job is different. That’s why GSSI Fusion ® was designed to be a flexible tool that can make every part of your daily workflow easier. Whether it’s building customizable reports for your customers, sharing scans between co-workers, or storing data, GSSI Fusion has you covered.



For over 50 years, GSSI has been committed to providing solutions that fit your needs, on your terms. This is why we have designed GSSI Fusion with multiple levels of service that can scale as your business grows. With GSSI Fusion there are no long term commitments, no paid subscription obligations and no requirements linked to using your GPR systems.



Your customers, employees and equipment are the backbone of your business. GSSI Fusion was designed to help you manage your assets, connect your employees and add value for your customers through permission-based user, group, equipment and data portals. Your level of configuration is completely up to the needs of you and your business.