GPR course: Using EKKO_Project GPR Analysis Software | Brought To You By Sensors & Software

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Industry News

Attend this online, live, instructor-led GPR course. Students will be required to have EKKO_Project® installed on their computer and will be assigned tasks throughout the course. Breakout rooms will be used to share work, ask questions and assist those who need help. The course is interactive and engaging; attendees are encouraged to participate virtually by voice and chat.

This course consists of 3 sessions, with each session teaching progressively more functionality of the EKKO_Project® software. While not mandatory, it is recommended to attend all sessions, to get the maximum benefit of using the various modules in EKKO_Project®. The description of each session is listed below. 

EKKO_Project® Core Course DescriptionLearn to navigate the main display in EKKO_Project® and understand what its capabilities are.  Topics covered include:
Opening GPR project data
Organizing your GPR Project data
Viewing GPR lines and depth slices
Plotting data in Google Earth, working with file attachments and photos
Creating images to add to the GPR Summary Report
Creating a GPR Summary Report