Don’t Forget! Download Your Safe + Sound Week Certificate Now!

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Industry News

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Recognize Your Participation

Congratulations and thank you for participating in Safe + Sound Week!

Your feedback is important to us. We would appreciate if you could answer a few questions about your participation and give feedback on Safe + Sound Week by filling out information on the Recognize Your Participation webpage. Tell us how you participated in Safe + Sound Week! What did you do to show your commitment to safety? Feel free to email photos of your events to

Then, download your certificate of recognition and challenge coin!


Continuously Improve Safety in Your Workplace

Safe + Sound Week may be ending, but safety doesn’t take a day off. Continuous improvement is important for success. Visit the Develop Your Program page for resources on how to keep building your safety and health program.


Employee Participation in Hazard Identification Worker participation is key for hazard identification activities. The OSHA On-site Consultation Program at the University of Alabama developed a micro-learning for Safe + Sound Week on Employee Participation in Hazard Identification. Learn how to move your safety and health program forward!

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