CSDA Membership Committee

1. Purpose
To provide specific recommendations to the CSDA Board of Directors on methods of increasing and maintaining membership in the CSDA.

2. Membership
The committee membership shall consist of a chair, appointed by the President, and other CSDA members appointed by the chair. Committee membership should be five to seven members, not including the chair. Meetings will be held in conjunction with CSDA Board meetings. The chair for the purpose of completing duties, plans and action steps set forth by the committee will call additional meetings.

3. Specific Tasks
3.1 Maintain a record of all committee activities and actions.
3.2 Manage, organize and direct activities of Membership Committee.
3.3 Develop and recommend programs and activities that provide convincing and compelling reasons why sawing and drilling contractors should belong to CSDA.
3.4 Make presentations covering the activities of the committee at the CSDA Board of Directors meetings.
3.5 Develop a survey for members who leave CSDA to determine their reasons for leaving as well as a survey to determine why companies join CSDA to determine if the member benefits are attractive to prospective members as well as current members.
3.6 Develop a 3-5 year Membership Plan to grow membership with specific action steps for accomplishing the goals.

4. Members
David Perkins (Chair)
Brandon Bailey (Vice-chair)
Kevin Baron
Ty Conners
Bob Crowther
Mark DeSchepper
Matthew Finnigan
Bill Fisher
Rick Glidewell
Patrick Harris
Jeff Keeling
Kellie Kimball
Haley Long
Joe Long
Sam Long
Chad McDonald
Mike Orzechowski
Danielle “Dani’ Planto
Kristin Waters