CSDA Marketing Committee

1. Purpose
To provide specific recommendations to the CSDA Board of Directors on methods to increase the selection of CSDA member companies by specifiers of concrete cutting services and end-users of concrete cutting equipment.

2. Membership
The committee membership shall consist of a chair, appointed by the President, and other CSDA members appointed by the chair. Committee membership should be six to eight members, not including the chair. Committee meetings will be held in conjunction with CSDA Board meetings. Additional meetings will be called as needed by the chair for the purpose of completing duties, plans and action steps set forth by the committee.

3. Specific Tasks
3.1 Maintain a record of all committee activities and actions.
3.2 Manage, organize and direct activities of the Marketing Committee.
3.3 Organize, write and present committee needs and recommendations to the CSDA Board of Directors for consideration and action.
3.4 Make presentations covering the activities of the committee at the CSDA Board of Directors meetings.
3.5 Develop a Marketing Plan for CSDA members with goals and action steps, with a specific timetable for accomplishment.

4. Members
Chair: Jami Harmon
Vice-chair: Bill Fisher
CSDA Staff: Erin O’Brien
Members: Ty Conner
Dan Dennison
Matthew Finnigan
Ryan Hammer
Bennett Jones
Jeff Keeling
Erin O’Brien
David Perkins
Kevin Schmitt
Tim Terrell
Doug Walker