CSDA Long-Range Planning Committee

1. Purpose
To identify and recommend specific visionary goals and objectives to the Board of Directors aimed at providing direction for CSDA in the next three to five year period consistent with
the mission of CSDA.

2. Membership
The committee membership shall consist of a chair, who shall be the President, and other CSDA contractor and manufacturer members appointed by the chair. Committee membership should be four to six, not including the chair. Committee meetings will be held separate from other CSDA meetings to ensure a focused work environment.

3. Specific Tasks
3.1 Maintain a record of all committee activities and actions.
3.2 Continually revise the Long-Range Plan each year.
3.3 Manage and coordinate the action items, responsibilities, timing and funding of each goal with the appropriate CSDA committees to ensure that results are achieved.
3.4 Make presentations covering the activities of the committee at the CSDA Board of Directors meetings.

4. Members
Matthew Finnigan (Chair)
Mike Orzechowski (Vice-chair)
Erin O’Brien