CSDA GPR Imaging Committee

1. Purpose
The mission of the GPR Imaging Committee is to promote the use of imaging technologies. The committee and its members will work with the CSDA Board of Directors and related committees to establish the needs specific to imaging

2. Membership
The committee membership shall consist of a chair, appointed by the President, and other CSDA members appointed by the chair. Committee membership should be three to five members, not including the chair. Committee meetings will be held in conjunction with CSDA Board meetings. Additional meetings will be called as needed by the chair for the purpose of completing duties, plans and action steps set forth by the committee.

3. Specific tasks
3.1 Maintain a record of all committee activities and actions.
3.2 Manage, organize and direct activities of the Training Committee.
3.3 Develop and recommend programs and activities that provide continuing education and skills training for CSDA members.
3.4 Bring committee needs and recommendations before the CSDA Board of Directors for consideration and action.
3.5 Make presentations covering the activities of the committee at the CSDA Board of Directors meetings.

4. Members
Bruno Silla (Chair)
Ryan Hammer (Vice-chair)
Dan Broekhove
Tony Brunette
Troy De Souza
Mark DeSchepper
Mike Farrell
Dan Foley
Rick Glidewell
Emily Hammer
Ryan Hammer
Rick Norland
Mike Orzechowski
Darrell Stanyard