CSDA Election Committee

1. Purpose
To provide specific recommendations to the CSDA Board of Directors on appropriate election procedures and practices for CSDA elections. This committee is also responsible for conducting the elections at the annual business meeting and administering the CSDA Lifetime Achievement Award program.

2. Membership
The committee membership shall consist of a chair, appointed by the President, and other CSDA members appointed by the chair. Committee membership should be three to five members, not including the chair. Committee meetings will be held in conjunction with CSDA Board meetings. Additional meetings will be called as needed by the chair for the purpose of completing duties, plans and action steps set forth by the committee.

3. Specific Tasks
3.1 Maintain a record consisting of election rules, history, and election results.
3.2 Provide a list of qualified candidates for Board positions before each election.
3.3 Establish a method of ensuring candidates for officer positions of the CSDA.
3.4 Make presentations covering the activities of the committee at the CSDA Board of Directors meetings.
3.5 At the annual meeting, provide a summary of the current election procedure format that will be used for the next year’s Officer and Board positions.
3.6 Draft changes to election procedures to by laws, as required.

4. Members
Donna Harris (Chair)
Kevin Baron (Vice-chair)
Scott Brown
Ty Conner
Mark DeSchepper
Matthew Finnigan
Kellie Kimball
Mike Orzechowski
Josh Sherman
Bruno Silla
Kristin Waters
Ronnie Wilhite