CenPoint Now Helps You get Paid Faster and Easier!

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Industry News

CentralPoint Solutions introduces the A/R Aging Link as a new addition to their CenPoint Software. This feature provides your customers with an easy-flow environment for paying and processing outstanding Invoices.

You simply email your customer the A/R Aging link where they will be able to see all of their outstanding invoices. Customers can then bookmark the link so they can access it at any time. They are permitted to select different company branches and view supporting field tickets alongside their invoices. 

This is also a way to allow your customers to pay one or more invoices at a time with a credit card, ifyour company is set up to take credit cards in CenPoint. Additionally, as you update your invoices in CenPoint, your customer will have immediate access to those reflected changes via the A/R Aging link. 

The A/R Aging Link in CenPoint also allows customers a way to print their own copies of invoices, field tickets and more.

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