The Roll-n-Vac DH2 Hydro Extractor aims to reshape the industry by saving time doing the everyday tasks that you hate the most. Some of the things the Roll-n-Vac is capable of include:

  • Vacuuming sludge to a depth of 12 feet directly into a wheelbarrow for disposal
  • Cleaning out clogged lines
  • Surgically excavating buried broken plumbing and electrical line when used with a pressure washer or air spade
  • Cleaning out 300 pounds from a sand filter in less than five minutes
  • Running on a standard 120-volt A/C 15-amp line
  • Increasing your bottom line and saving your back


The Roll-n-Vac is made in the United States and has powerful performance, as it is built with an industrial-grade vacuum motor. It collects large volumes of material quickly and easily navigates rough ground. Other features of the Roll-n-Vac include an industrial-grade extractor, float shut-off, reverse blower, lifting handles, heavy-duty structure and a 2 1/2 -by-10inch hose.


The company is always seeking ways to improve the Roll-n-Vac, and in the last year it has made the until blue using specially formulated plastic for longer life and UV protection, as well as changed its base plate gasket/ seal for better sealing and longer life.


For More Information

Contact: Ed Calafut

Tel: 800-356-8059