When you work with SlurryMonster, you get equipment that’ll bring effective solutions to your job. SlurryVac®, being one of those solutions. Tough, powerful, and customizable, it’s a vac you won’t find anywhere else.

Our SlurryVac makes slurry collection easy, and smart. There’s a front mounted squeegee to eliminate the need of a hose and wand, 30-gallon capacity, and superior suction that gives you the power needed to clean up your slurry mess. To top that off, our vac provides you with options, with three different valve modifications to choose from including:

  • No valve: collection of slurry only
  • One valve: allows you to pump out slurry into your ZipPack™ Tote or Hanging Filter
  • Two valves: recirculation and easy pump in/pump out of slurry

It’s not your typical slurry vac.

Jobsites vary. That’s why you can pick your vac, your way. Order your SlurryVac today.



Pick Your Valve