Clear The Path To Easier Grinding

Hard concrete? It’s an all-too-familiar scenario. No matter what you do, it can seem almost impossible to cut the cap enough for you to get grinding. Going through this process takes time, manpower, and potentially the loss and additional use of tooling, which gets expensive.

That’s where Dissolve-SP™ comes in. This non-acidic chemical penetrates just deep enough into the surface of the  concrete to soften and open it up. It’s not a cleaner or a degreaser like others out there – our product is formulated specifically for grinding.

With no need to flood the floor, and no need to neutralize, it’s an easy to manage application. Just put it in a backpack sprayer, spray on the floor, and get to grinding.

Dissolve-SP is ready to order and ship out same day. We even have great discounts on pallet orders. Learn more and order today.