Jack Sondergard presented the committee report for Doug Walker. There are two new Certified Companies, Advanced Concrete Sawing in St. Paul, MN and Concrete Cutting Systems in Philadelphia, PA. Board members who are not certified were again encouraged to complete their applications. The committee will hold a roundtable session at the annual convention to help non-certified companies achieve certification. 

Brokk and Vacuworx have volunteered to fill out applications as manufacturer/affiliate members to see what edits could be made to the application to make it more applicable to non-contractor members. 

There is no update regarding the transition from current program auditor Glenn Purdue to new auditor Ted Johnston. Doug Walker has been asked to follow up with both parties and help expedite this process. 


Matthew Finnigan presented the committee report for Kevin Baron. He reviewed the information presented by Erin O’Brien in the Executive Director’s report, including the new dates for the 2020 Convention in Carlsbad of March 31 – April 4. Site visits are planned for later this fall to visit potential hotels for the 2021 Convention. The committee will be searching for properties in Hawaii, focusing on the islands of Maui and the Big Island, for the 2022 Convention celebrating CSDA’s 50th Anniversary. 


Donna Harris presented the committee report. The slate for the 2020 Board of Director nominees has been finalized. The slate will include: Bill Fisher, National Research Company; Rick Glidewell, Hilti; Donna Harris, Concrete Renovation; Jeff Keeling, Brokk, Inc.; Tim Terrell, Husqvarna Construction Products and Kevin Warnecke, ICS, Blount. The 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Tim Beckman at the Annual Convention. 


Bruno Silla presented the committee report for Mark DeSchepper. GSSI, Hilti, Proceq and Sensors & Software will supply GPR equipment for both the GPR Certification course in Clearwater, FL in November and the GPR Methods & Theory course in Las Vegas, NV at World of Concrete.

The committee has begun to update CSDA-BP-007 Ground Penetrating Radar and will have a final updated draft ready for the December meeting in New Orleans. After much discussion, the committee no longer recommends partnering with Decipher for CSDA GPR training.

A roundtable will be held in Chicago on September 18, 2019 in response to a request from local GPR scanners and concrete cutters. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss drafting a new Best Practice or Specification regarding cutting and coring around GPR markings and tolerances. Members from the GPR committee will be in attendance and report back to the committee in December with the results of the roundtable. 


Scott Brown presented the committee report for Peter Bigwood and will be taking over as new committee chair. Brown appointed Jeff Keeling as vice-chair. The equipment list for the upcoming 101 and 201 training courses was reviewed and approved. Tech Talk assignments were reviewed and updated. 

The Manufacturers’ Night will again be held at the 2020 Convention in Carlsbad. The committee reviewed both offsite and onsite options and narrowed down to two choices. Erin O’Brien will collect more data and specifics to present to the committee in the next couple of weeks. The Tech Fair will be held on Friday, April 3 from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, with a deli-style lunch and a punch card raffle.

DDM Concut has offered to host a manufacturer plant tour in conjunction with the Seattle meetings next September 2020.


Jami Harmon presented the committee report. She thanked everyone for their sponsorships and shirt sales. Approximately $3,000 was raised for the Market Development Fund through sponsorships and shirt sales.  

The framework for the new CSDA website from O’Brien International was reviewed by the committee and was approved. The new site will launch by November 1, 2019. A final version of the website will be sent to the committee for approval prior to go-live. 


Dan Dennison presented the committee report. The contractor membership survey on member benefits was further developed and refined, and a final draft will be circulated to the committee next week for approval. All survey participants will be entered to win a Yeti cooler, donated by Hilti, via a raffle drawing. The survey will be sent out in October. 

The committee discussed the three new individual membership categories, including benefits and value added. The new categories will be launched as part of the new membership campaign in October. These individual memberships will have a fee of $99 each with benefits specific to their categories, but no voting rights. 

Continued, focused efforts will be made by members of the committee to prevent membership resignations. This project will ramp up again in the spring after renewals are sent out, with committee members assigned to each potential resignation. 


Bill Fisher presented the committee report. A new Next Gen Instagram account (@csdanextgen) was launched to help promote the committee’s activities and engage new and potential member involvement through a new channel. 

New logos were presented to the committee and reviewed. Options were narrowed down and will be further refined before a final decision is made prior to World of Concrete.

The committee is planning on hosting a Next Gen event at convention, and details will be finalized at the December meeting in New Orleans. They will also continue with a reception at World of Concrete in Las Vegas in February, with a new focus on sponsorships and/or raffle items. 


Bruce Ferrell presented the committee report. 

Taylor Hobson is ready to start running their test on our core samples, using Ra and Rmr measurements. Husqvarna will be providing the samples, as they are able to identify the type of concrete, the content and where it came from. This testing will be able to be done at no cost to CSDA. These samples will be sent to Taylor Hobson by Husqvarna in November.

The committee has stated a goal of signing up 40 new individual operators utilizing the new CSDA individual operator membership category and will provide to CSDA polishing-specific information for these new members. 

ACI and ASCC will be releasing a new polishing standard, 310X, and the Polishing Committee plans on mirroring that standard by updating CSDA-CP-113 after the ACI/ASCC standard is released. 

Chris Bennett called in to discuss a partnership with CSDA and NCERCAMP (National Center for Education and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance) at the University of Akron. It was determined that this partnership would involve too high of a financial investment at this time. 


Bennett Jones presented the committee report. A new TST on anchoring is being finalized and will be released by the December meeting in New Orleans. 

Erin O’Brien has been in discussion with OSHA on the possibility of renewing the OSHA Alliance with CSDA. OSHA asked CSDA for a summary of why we want to partner with them and what CSDA can offer OSHA. O’Brien will submit the committee’s comments to OSHA. 

Kellie Vazquez requested any silica data testing on tasks done outside of Table 1 be submitted to CEA (Construction Employers Association) and/or to Vazquez. Committee members were encouraged to sign up for membership in the CEA Silica Data Testing program.  


Mike Orzechowski presented the committee report. Two Specifications and one Best Practice were revised and finalized, and all were approved for publication: Specifications CSDA-WS-106 Wire Sawing, Specification CSDA-DB-112 Diamond Blades and Best Practice CSDA-BP-019 Robotic Demolition. These new and updated documents are available on the CSDA website. 

Five current Standards and Best Practices continue to be revised, while five new Best Practices are in draft. 


Patrick Harris presented the committee report. John Robinson with CSDA member company Accu-Cut in Clearwater is going to coordinate with a local contractor to replace the shed floor at SPC. A newly-installed fire hydrant at St. Petersburg College will be used for additional water and Robinson will loan a generator in exchange for sending one student. 

New supplies are being ordered for the classes, including instructor polos, t-shirts for the students in the 201 classes, extension cords, supplies for the fire hydrant, new water hoses and safety barriers to cordon off the slab area.

Modules 1-4 have been completed for the Cutting Edge update, and Rick Norland continues to work on modules 5-7, which will be completed by October 2019. Assuming all modules are completed on time, Digital Lagoon will be at the 201 training in November to shoot video to finish production on the new Cutting Edge online training webinar. The committee’s goal is to have the online class live by WOC 2020.

The committee approved a 30% discount for anyone attending both the GPR Certification and 201 Operator Certification courses. This combined class will be made available on the CSDA training website. The committee will cover travel costs up to $2,000 for Charlie Meng and Clint Ralston to attend the 201 courses and work with Rick to see if they would be a good fit as new instructors. 

Website graphics promoting the training classes are available to anyone who can post on their company websites. Please contact Erin O’Brien if you wish to receive these graphics. 

A new four-hour “blueprint takeoff course” will be created with the goal of being held during the June 2020 quarterly meetings, which will be developed and taught by Patrick Harris and Clay Praesel. This class will serve as a test-run for another class to be held at WOC 2021. 

Husqvarna will be contacted to see if they want to host the 101 training classes in fall 2020. If they are not able to, Diamond Products will host. Tentative dates were set for October 2020. Tentative dates for the 201 Operator Certification classes in Clearwater, FL were set for November 2-6, 2020.   

Kellie Vazquez is going to reach out to AGC (Associated General Contractors) to see if we can partner with them for their online training classes.

Erin O’Brien will contact WOC Education to find out when MCAA’s silica training contract expires so that CSDA can bid on obtaining that training contract.