Officer and Board Member Election Guidelines

1. The Election Committee will accept applications from the CSDA membership.
2. The Election Committee will review the nominations based on the eligibility criteria.
3. The Election Committee will rank the nominees based upon the qualifications of nominees per the eligibility criteria and will develop a slate of six Board of Directors nominees, one Vice President and one Secretary/Treasurer. This slate will be presented to the Board of Directors as the recommendation of the committee.
4. The Board of Directors will proceed with a “Yes” or “No” vote for the slate of nominees.
5. The recommendation will pass by a simple majority of votes.
6. If the Board of Directors vote ends in a tie, the slate is then returned to the Election Committee. This process is repeated until a slate is approved by a simple majority of the Board of Directors.
7. Once the slate is approved, it will be presented to the membership in the form of a ballot. The slate will appear as will a space for write-in candidates for the Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Board of Director positions.
8. Nominee must submit application by June 30th

Eligibility Requirements for Board of Director Positions
1. Membership on one or more committees.
2. Business and financial ability to attend all quarterly meetings and the annual convention (5 meetings per year).
3. Previous demonstrated support for CSDA programs such as training programs, safety offerings, Company Certification or other.
4. Must be the official voting representative of the member company.

Eligibility Requirements for Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer Positions
1. Prior committee experience.
2. Demonstrated committee leadership, including serving as chair of one or more committees.
3. Business flexibility and financial ability to attend the quarterly meetings and the annual convention (5 meetings per year).
4. Previous demonstrated leadership and support for CSDA through the training program, convention program, Concrete Openings magazine, safety program or other CSDA program.
5. Must be the official voting representative of the member company.

To ensure that a full and fair nominee review is conducted, any person, or family member of a nominee, who is nominated for either a Board or Officer position should not be present in the Election Committee review of their candidacy.

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