Doug Walker presented the committee report. There are no new certified companies since the
last meeting.
The committee is working with O’Brien International on a marketing plan to help drive interest in
the program and to get more companies certified.
Kevin Baron presented the committee report. The committee is working with the Hamilton
Princess Hotel in Bermuda to finalize the date options for the rescheduled 2022 CSDA
Convention & Tech Fair. Finalized dates will be announced soon and planning and marketing
for the 50th Anniversary CSDA Convention will begin immediately after.
The 2023 Convention & Tech Fair will now be held in Hawaii. More details will follow later this
Donna Harris presented the committee report. The 2021 Election is complete, and results will be
announced at the end of the Board meeting. President Matthew Finnigan appointed two
Inspectors of Election, Tim Beckman and Paula Bell, to independently verify the election results.
Tim and Paula verified the results and recommended the results to the committee.
Since the 2020 and 2021 Conventions were cancelled, and Tim Beckman was to receive the
Lifetime Achievement Award at those events, it was decided to honor Beckman with the award
at the World of Concrete in 2021.
Mark DeSchepper presented the committee report. The GPR Certification class is planned to be
held at Texas Cutting & Coring in San Antonio, TX on Friday, April 9. Registration is now open.
The GPR Congress event is being held virtually in April 2021. Bruno Silla will be attending and
will report back to the committee on the success of this event.
The committee has had discussions with Dan Bigman about becoming a new CSDA Training
Instructor. Mark will continue these discussions. CSDA will need to discuss the Instructor
Agreement with Dan before moving forward.
Scott Brown presented the committee report. Plans for the 2021 training schedule remains on
track with courses held at WOC, 101 in Olathe, KS in October and 201 Operator Certification in
Clearwater, FL in November.

The 2021 Tech Fair was cancelled, so there will be no Tech Fair this year.
World of Concrete confirmed the 2021 show dates of June 8-10, 2021. CSDA will again exhibit
and asked for all manufacturers to help distribute the A26 source code, as the total rebate
amount will not change, so CSDA has a fantastic opportunity to receive another record rebate
from the 2021 show. There will be no raffle held during the show this year, but CSDA will hold a
Board meeting and networking reception on Wednesday, June 9th
The Tech Talk schedule was updated.
Bill Fisher presented the combined committee reports for the Marketing and Next Generation
committees. Jami Harmon recently accepted a new position with a company outside of the
concrete renovation industry and has resigned her Board of Directors and Marketing Committee
Chair positions.
David Perkins presented the committee report. The 2020 membership year ended with 34 new
members and 65 resignations. The committee voted not to raise dues in 2021 to encourage
members to remain and encourage growth.
Bruce Ferrell presented the committee report. The committee remains focused on providing
benefits for polishing contractor members to encourage more polishing contractors to join
CSDA. The committee will also continue to look at updating current standards, specifications
and best practices.
Due to technical issues, Bennett Jones was unable to present the committee report. The
committee continues their work on several long-term ongoing projects. These include: updating
the Safety Videos for Slab/Flat Sawing, Core Drilling, Wall Sawing and Wire Sawing; the
application for a Susan Harwood Grant from OSHA; renewing the OSHA Alliance; updating the
trenching and excavation TST and creating a competent person policy.
Mike Orzechowski presented the committee report. The committee approved and released
CSDA-BP-005 Diamond Cutting Tools for ADA. The next project is to review and update CSDABP-011 Establishing the Workplace.
Patrick Harris presented the committee report. Work on the online Cutting Edge course
continues. The course is in the final editing stage and should be completed by the end of the
A roundtable topic was suggested for the 2021 Convention that would cover onboarding and
new hire training. Kellie Kimball and Patrick Harris volunteered to moderate this roundtable.
Husqvarna stated they would be willing to host a fall 2021 Sawing & Drilling 101 training course
at their facility in Olathe, KS. A tentative GPR Certification class is planned for April 8-9, 2021 at
Texas Cutting & Coring in San Antonio, TX. This class will be open to all qualified GPR

The three World of Concrete training courses will take place in June 2021 along their original
date patterns: Estimating June 7-8, Concrete Polishing June 8-9 and GPR Methods & Theory
June 10. Registration for the show and for the training classes will open in January or February