Doug Walker presented the committee report. Mavo Concrete Sawing has submitted their
Company Certification application for approval.
The committee is working with O’Brien International on a marketing plan to help drive interest in
the program and to get more companies certified.
Kevin Baron presented the committee report. A final contract is in the works with the Hamilton
Princess Hotel & Beach Club in Bermuda. The dates have been set as March 29-30, 2022 for
the Spring Committee & Board meetings and March 31 – April 2, 2022 for the 50th Annual
Convention & Tech Fair. Registration will open later this summer.
The 2023 Convention & Tech Fair will be held in Hawaii. More details will follow later this year.
Kevin Baron presented the committee report for Donna Harris. The deadline for applications for
the 2022 Board of Director positions and the Lifetime Achievement Award is June 30. To date,
five Board applications have been received.
Since the 2020 and 2021 Conventions were cancelled, and Tim Beckman was to receive the
Lifetime Achievement Award at those events, it was decided to honor Beckman with the award
at the World of Concrete in 2021. He will be honored on Wednesday, June 9 during the CSDA
Networking Reception at the Davidoff Cigar Bar from 5-7pm.
Bruno Silla presented the committee report. The GPR Certification class planned for April at
Texas Cutting & Coring had to be rescheduled due to low registration numbers. The course will
be rescheduled later this summer.
The committee has had discussions with Dan Bigman about becoming a new CSDA Training
Instructor. DeSchepper will continue these discussions. CSDA will need to discuss the Instructor
Agreement with Dan before moving forward.
There will be GPR Certification classes following both the 101 and 201 Sawing & Drilling
Training classes this fall. One class will be held Friday, October 22 at the Husqvarna Training
Facility in Olathe, KS and the other will be held Saturday, November 6 at St. Petersburg College
in Clearwater, FL.
The GPR Methods & Theory class scheduled for World of Concrete 2021 was cancelled due to
low registration numbers. This class will be held during World of Concrete 2022.
Scott Brown presented the committee report. Plans for the 2021 training schedule remains on
track with courses held at WOC, 101 in Olathe, KS in October and 201 Operator Certification in
Clearwater, FL in November.
The Tech Talk schedule was updated, with Sid Kilgore of Diamond Products providing the latest
Tech Talk for the June 2021 issue of Concrete Openings.
The Tech Fair for 2021 was cancelled but is back on for the 2022 Annual Convention. More
information will be available for exhibitors later this summer. Manufacturers’ Night will also
resume during the 2022 Convention.
The committee restated their goals of increasing contractor participation in association events
and business, and for each manufacturer on the committee to bring in five new contractor
members by the end of 2021.
Paula Bell presented the committee report as the new committee chair. She announced Ronnie
Wilhite as vice-chair.
The updated and revised “Diamond Advantage” presentation is almost complete! After the final
section has been delivered, it will be sent to the committee for final review and approval, and
then can be used to help promote CSDA and its members to the specifier community and
beyond. As soon as it is finished, Erin O’Brien will submit the course to the American Institute of
Architects (AIA) for LU credits for architects wanting to learn more about the concrete
renovation industry.
The committee is also working on updating and improving the Membership Benefit flyers to be
used for marketing purposes. The Membership committee is providing their input as well.
The committee is discussing either attending or participating in the 2022 Canadian Concrete
Expo taking place in Toronto from February 17-18, 2022. A decision will be made at the
September meeting.
David Perkins presented the committee report. The committee is working with the Marketing
committee on a revision and update of the CSDA Membership Benefit flyers.
CSDA continues to receive 2021 membership dues renewals, thanks to the hard work of the
committee and CSDA staff. The deadline to pay 2021 membership dues was extended to May
31, at which time any member who has not paid or contacted the CSDA office for a payment
plan or schedule, will be resigned. CSDA has offered to work with any member company
needing additional time or flexibility to pay their dues.
The committee decided to restart their local contractor visits for the fall meetings in Seattle.
Members of the committee including David Perkins, Bruno Silla, Ty Conner and more will arrive
a day early to visit local contractors. They also set the goal of having a member in each state,
and to hold meetings in locations where we do not have members to try to recruit contractors in
those areas.
Bill Fisher presented the committee report.
The Next Gen Reception at the World of Concrete will be a general networking reception to
support the entire association and membership. It will take place on Wednesday, June 9 at the
Davidoff Cigar Lounge, and attendance is projected to be 50-75 people.
The calendar photo contest launched by the committee in 2020 was a remarkable success and
will run again for a 2022 calendar. A marketing plan is in development, with some
improvements, and the campaign will launch in July 2021. One major change for the next
contest is that the committee will choose the top 12 photos out of the submissions, and CSDA’s
Instagram followers will vote on the cover winner.
A whiskey-tasting virtual happy hour will be held in the fall, based on the success of March’s
wine tasting event. The committee will also work on a mini pub crawl for the Nashville meetings
in December.
Ryan McBride presented the committee report for Bruce Ferrell. The new Standard on
gloss/DOI/haze will be the committee’s sole focus and goal until it is complete. Following the
completion of that project, they will start to work on an online Concrete Polishing training class.
New committee chair Brandon Bailey presented the committee report. He announced Kristin
Waters as the committee vice-chair. One of the committee’s goals is to renew the effort to
update the Safety Videos for Slab Sawing, Core Drilling, Wall Sawing and Wire Sawing. Bailey
will assign committee members to each script to review.
The OSHA Alliance agreement will be revisited, and Erin O’Brien will contact OSHA to see if this
is something CSDA can start up again.
New committee chair Greg Lipscomb presented the committee report. He announced Joe
Shebesta as the vice-chair.
CSDA-ST-108 Hand Sawing was approved by the committee and was posted on the CSDA
website. The committee is now working on updating CSDA-BP-014 Submitting Images for
Publication and hopes to approve that document before the fall meeting.
Patrick Harris presented the committee report. The online Estimating class, which was
scheduled to be completed by April, is delayed and now should be ready by the fall. The online
GPR Methods and Theory class is also nearing completion.
The 101 and 201 training classes will take place in 2021 as per normal schedule. The 101 class
will take place at the Husqvarna training facility in Olathe, KS in October with a GPR
Certification class on October 22, and the 201 Operator Certification class will take place
November 1-5 at St. Petersburg College in Clearwater, FL. A GPR Certification class will take
place at the same location on November 6.
The online Cutting Edge course is complete, and work is almost complete on the online
platform. The new platform and class will be live by July