Want to learn about Ground Penetrating Radar?

Attend this online, live instructor-led GPR course. Using slides, videos and interactions, participants will learn all aspects of GPR, from theory and instrumentation to survey techniques and data interpretation.

This comprehensive course is taught by an instructor with nearly 30 years of GPR experience. The course is interactive and engaging; attendees are encouraged to participate virtually by voice and chat.

Topics covered include:
GPR reflections
GPR signal velocity
Attenuation of GPR signals
Understanding GPR data images
GPR Instrumentation
Optimizing data collection settings
GPR deployment configurations
Virtual data collection – Line Scan and Grid Scan
Data interpretation
Case Studies

Meet the facilitator

Troy is the Training Manager at Sensors & Software Inc. and has been with the company for 21 years. In addition to delivering training courses to customers worldwide, he has been a guest lecturer for courses in engineering & non-destructive testing at various universities. Troy holds a B.Sc (Hon) degree in physics from York University in Toronto, Canada.