As we have done previously, the attached PDF file digests the information that we have shared over the last several weeks about the resources on OSHA’s webpage, and those of several other agencies and organizations. We have included a list of general COVID-19 resources grouped by agency, a section with resources on reopening workplaces, cloth face coverings and respiratory protection, and additional industry-specific COVID-19 resources grouped by industry. As with previous versions, it is intended as a resource and is not comprehensive, however, if you are aware of resources that you feel should be included, please share them with us.

We encourage you to share this information as broadly as possible. In addition, as you receive questions and requests from your members that identify gaps in the information available for protecting their essential workers, we encourage you to share them with us as well, so that we are able to target resources to areas of need.

Doug Kalinowski

Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs