Jon Zack presented the committee report for Doug Walker. There have been no new Certified Companies or applications since the June Board meeting. 


Erin O’Brien presented the committee report for Kevin Baron. The 2022 Convention, CSDA’s 50th, will take place as planned March 29 – April 2, 2022 at the Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda. Registration will open this fall. 

The 2023 Convention & Tech Fair will be held on the west coast, and the committee is looking at proposals from resorts in Hawaii, California and Arizona.  


Erin O’Brien presented the committee report for Donna Harris. Six applications for the 2022 Board of Directors have been received to date. With the submission deadline passed, the committee will present the slate at the December Board meeting. 


Bruno Silla presented the committee report. There are two GPR Certification classes planned for the fall, one in Olathe, KS on October 22 with Mark DeSchepper instructing, and the other in Clearwater, FL on November 6 with Rick Norland instructing. There will also be a GPR Certification class held during the World of Concrete, in addition to GPR Methods & Theory.

Further discussion was had on adding new GPR Certification instructors. Any candidate would have to be vetted by the committee and agree to teach CSDA’s course agenda. 

Planning continues for an online GPR Methods & Theory class. 


Scott Brown presented the committee report. Plans for the 2021 training schedule remain on track with courses held at WOC, 101 in Olathe, KS in October and 201 Operator Certification in Clearwater, FL in November. The committee will use the current equipment list based on a previous manufacturer lottery for the 201 class in Clearwater. Instructors will request additional equipment as needed. 

There was a request to the Training committee to confirm dates with the Manufacturer committee before setting official training dates. This is to avoid overlap between other large contractor training classes and industry events. 

The Tech Talk schedule was updated, with Sid Kilgore of Diamond Products providing the latest Tech Talk for the June 2021 issue of Concrete Openings. DDM Concut will provide the Tech Talk for the September 2021 issue. 

The Tech Fair for 2021 was cancelled but is back on for the 2022 Annual Convention. More information will be available for exhibitors later this summer. Manufacturers’ Night will also resume during the 2022 Convention. 

The committee restated their goals of increasing contractor participation in association events and business, and for each manufacturer on the committee to bring in five new contractor members by the end of 2021. 


Erin O’Brien presented the committee report. Former Committee Chair Paula Bell has left Vacuworx for a position at a new company. A new committee chair will be appointed by the December meetings. 

Ad rates for Concrete Openings were discussed and reviewed, and the committee approved a 3% increase across the board to account for increases in printing, paper and mailing costs. These new ad rates will take effect in 2022. 

The updated and revised “Diamond Advantage” presentation is complete! The presentation was approved and will submitted to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for LU credits for architects wanting to learn more about the concrete renovation industry. 

A presentation on GPR is being developed to use to present to specifiers. Erin O’Brien and Bruno Silla are working on this project and will have a draft for the committee to review at the December meeting.

The committee is discussing either attending or participating in the 2022 Canadian Concrete Expo taking place in Toronto from February 17-18, 2022. A decision will be made at the December meeting.


Brandon Bailey presented the committee report for David Perkins. A dues proposal for 2022 included no increase in dues and was approved by the committee. There was discussion on adding recognition to the $10M+ dues category in hopes that there will be more consistency and honesty in members paying dues appropriate to their gross sales. 


Bill Fisher presented the committee report. The CSDA reception at the World of Concrete was a huge success, attracting well over 100 people. Lifetime Achievement Award winner Tim Beckman was honored during the event. The committee will plan to host a similar event at the same location on Wednesday, January 19 during the 2022 World of Concrete.  

The 2022 Calendar Photo Contest was launched in August and will conclude in September. Committee members will then vote for the 12 best photos for the calendar. An Instagram contest will be held so followers can vote for the winner. The 12 winners will receive extra copies of the calendar, a job story in Concrete Openings and a social media feature. The grand prize winner will receive the same prizes as well as a complimentary registration to the 2022 CSDA Convention & Tech Fair. 

A whiskey-tasting virtual happy hour will be held this fall, based on the success of March’s wine tasting event. The committee will also work on a mini pub crawl for the Nashville meetings in December. Erin O’Brien is coordinating the whiskey tasting and Ryan Hammer is leading the planning for the pub crawl. The committee will also plan a Next Gen event during the Convention in Bermuda. 

The committee discussed ways to reach out to second and third-generation business owners of concrete cutting companies and how they can engage these members and get them more involved in CSDA activities. 


Mike Orzechowski presented the committee report for Bruce Ferrell. An update will be provided to the committee by Ferrell at the December meeting on the status of the proposed Standard the committee has been working on for the past two years. A Concrete Polishing class will be held at World of Concrete 2022.  


Brandon Bailey presented the committee report. The scripts for the safety videos on Flat/Slab Sawing, Core Drilling, Wall Sawing and Wire Sawing have been reviewed, updated and will be sent around to the committee with the minutes for final review. 

Erin O’Brien reported she has a call scheduled with OSHA to discuss renewing the OSHA Alliance with CSDA on September 15. 

The committee proposed hosting a roundtable on anchoring. This roundtable will be held later in the year following the October roundtable on worker’s comp claims.  

The June 2022 issue of Concrete Openings will focus on Safety. Anyone wanting to contribute an article, job story or other feature should contact Erin O’Brien. 


Greg Lipscomb presented the committee report. The committee approved the updates for CSDA-BP-013 Care of Quick Disconnect Flanges and CSDA-BP-014 Submitting Images for Publication. Both documents will be uploaded to the CSDA website. The committee will also look at an additional Best Practice or Toolbox Safety Talk on Installation of Blades and Flanges.  


Kellie Kimball presented the committee report for Patrick Harris. Work continues for online training classes for Estimating, GPR Methods and Theory and Silica. Jon Zack traveled to Houston to work with Kellie Kimball on shooting the content for the silica class in August. He will have a draft version for the committee to review at the December meeting. Video for the GPR Methods & Theory class will be shot prior to the December meeting. 

The 101 and 201 training classes will take place in 2021 as per normal schedule. The 101 class will take place at the Husqvarna training facility in Olathe, KS in October with a GPR Certification class on October 22, and the 201 Operator Certification class will take place November 1-5 at St. Petersburg College in Clearwater, FL. A GPR Certification class will take place at the same location on November 6. 

The online Cutting Edge course was launched in August and 20 students have enrolled and 12 courses have been completed since the launch. This course will again serve as a required pre-requisite for the 101 and 201 training classes. A marketing campaign will be conducted this fall to promote the new class. 

The committee approved the usual slate of World of Concrete training courses, including Estimating, Concrete Polishing, GPR Methods & Theory, and will add a GPR Certification class to the lineup. World of Concrete will not be promoting these classes on the show website, nor will they manage registration. CSDA and O’Brien International will manage the marketing and registration of these classes. For 2022 only, there will be member and non-member pricing for these classes. Registration for World of Concrete will open in late October. 

A tentative GPR Certification class is planned for February 11-12 in Texas, however the committee will evaluate the need for this class in December, due to its proximity to the World of Concrete Certification class.

The virtual webinar series will restart in October with an October 28th webinar on workers compensation, moderated by Kellie Kimball, Carl Jones and Gabe Trujillo. The November webinar will focus on business insurance coverage. Kimball will contact CSDA member insurance companies to enlist their help and expertise.  Future webinars are planned for equipment financing and fleet management.